Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Boxing Lesson - New Video "Brighter" and ICBM Interview

(MySpace Bio) After releasing two EPs in Los Angeles, songwriter and astronaut Paul Waclawsky left the haze for the heat of Austin, TX where he promptly joined the Cassini spacecraft team and blasted of from Earth destined for Saturn. There he found a new line up and new inspirations in the form of Jaylinn Davidson and Jake Mitchell. Jaylinn was there researching the magnetometer’s detection of the presence of ion cyclotron waves in the vicinity of Saturn’s moon Enceladus (which just so happens to sound like a Moog synth when played back) and Jake was far out there floating in space collecting data on the rhythm of Saturn’s rings.
Once their mission was complete, they returned to Texas with everything they collected in space (synths, samplings, and old records that were found floating around Titan), and turned it all into Music. Jaylinn’s Moog bass and leads connect with Jake’s explosive evolving rhythms to form a hybrid rhythm section. It’s definitely psychedelic, but not in the traditional sense. Part organic. Part electronic. Part outer fucking space. Joined again by Grammy-Nominated Producer Tim Gerron, The Boxing Lesson crafted Wild Streaks & Windy Days in 2007 and played a meteor shower of shows at home and on the moon.

It’s a simultaneously modern and classic journey through the dark side of the conscious mind. These 12 new tracks explore the contrasts between dark and light, love and lust, space and time, sacrifice and indulgence. Lead boxer, Paul Waclawsky, flexes his song writing muscles and his space echoes like never before on the timeless recording inspired by the Austin indie music scene and radio emissions from outer space. Paul’s voice shows maturity and his epic sonic guitar textures are psychedelic and lush, like Cassiopeia A, the Birthplace of Stars.

Jaylinn Davidson’s Brian Eno-esque Moog synthesizer landscapes pump the haunting songs full of moogy goodness and we find Jake Mitchell, as always, in the ether, drumming out of his head. Wild Streaks & Windy Days chronicles a band evolving to stratospheric heights while maintaining a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in Austin. Independent of comparison, the tracks on Wild Streaks & Windy Days define The Boxing Lesson’s own brand of psychedelic rock, as they traverse into the unknown territory of their own lives, their own indulgences and their future missions for all mankind.

The Boxing Lesson - Brighter

ICBM Interview of The Boxing Lesson:

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?

JAYLINN: One goal is to be a part of Big Cat Rescue.

When you were little, who was your favorite super hero and why? How about now?

PAUL: When I was little I wanted to be Spiderman but these days I like Batman. He is dark and mysterious and in the early comics you couldn’t say if he was a good guy or a bad guy. I like that in a superhero.

What do you love (besides music), and what are you doing about it?

JAYLINN: I love cooking. Therefore, I cook.

What are you finding out about yourself as the band continues to grow?

PAUL: I’m finding out how new I am to this old game.

What show has been the most rewarding, why?

JAYLINN: This is a very difficult question. As a musician and performer, there is a gamut of emotions that come along with shows and each one is rewarding in its own way. But for today, what is popping up first is the show we played with Autolux earlier this year at SXSW. Greg Edwards is a hero of mine and I used to dream about sharing the stage with Failure (knowing full well that was never gonna happen) or Autolux (seemed like a pipe dream)... So when we found out that we were playing with Autolux, I was more than excited. It was a treat to have them listen to us. It was totally surreal. . .

Where does your inspiration come from?

PAUL: Inspiration comes in a lot of different forms. For years, I was inspired by drugs and rebellion. Right now, I’m inspired by good veggie barbecue and the television show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Some of our favorite artists have been coming out of Austin (i.e., Ghostland Observatory, Okkervil River, etc.). Which hometown artist(s) is(are) your favorite?

PAUL: Spoon.

JAYLINN: The Story Of, The Mercers, Benko, Built By Snow, The Steps, White Denim, The Calm Blue Sea

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