Saturday, October 11, 2008

Robbie Allison - June 20, 1978 to October 11, 2008

Robbie - We Will Always Love You... May You Rest In Peace

I hope this world has gained a beautiful soul since Saturday, October 11th, 2008. If not, today’s world is inferior to the one preceding days before. To take a life so early is not fair… not to those who have had the distinct pleasure of knowing the kindest person imaginable… not to those whose path were to imminently cross. It is not fair that a person who gave to the world is taken away from it.

Robbie, you were a friend closer to my heart than you could have possibly imagined. Your friends and family love you dearly and everyone yearns for your presence. You had always been the greeting smile at the door, the friend who cherished firm hugs over formal handshakes. You were always the nicest person anyone could have the pleasure of knowing. I, along with every single person you have touched in this world, wish you were here… this world is not the same without you!

Scotty A.

P.S. For all of those who were dear to Robbie, please feel free to leave any comments ragarding your thoughts or experiences regarding our departed friend.

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Tennille said...

So you have been gone now for over a year. I miss you every single day. I found this while googling your name and decided to leave a comment for you.
I did not get to say good bye to you and that is very painful but I know that you know how I feel about you. The last time we saw each other we told one another that we loved each other. That makes you being gone a little easier.

I wrote this for you my Friend:
I'm going to talk to you and know that you will hear me
I'm going to tell you all the things I never got to and know that you will know how much you mean to me
I'm going to tell you all my memories of you, of us, and know that you will remember them and smile along with me
I'm going to feel you and the wonder we shared and know that you will feel the passion too.
I'm going to smell your smell and remember how you looked and most importantly how you looked at me and I'll know you will be looking at me that way forever even If I can't see you.
I will know that even though you are not here with me that you are some where else waiting for me
You were some many thing to me and i miss you every day